Zen and the art of hair maintenance

When my six year old played hairdressers she learnt some important life lessons Ruby had crawled into bed with me after waking from a bad dream and quickly fallen asleep again. Like any proud Mum gazing at her sleeping child I admired the way a lock of hair fell across her forehead  framing her  faceContinue reading “Zen and the art of hair maintenance”

Night fever-A Covid Chronicle

Intro: Hi readers, I haven`t blogged for a while due to having precious little time with the kids at home and then an incident involving a two year old, a water bottle and my laptop which put me out of action for a while. Fortunateley my computer is now back from the repair shop andContinue reading “Night fever-A Covid Chronicle”

Kids birthday parties and why I still hate them

There is much that has changed in the World since my 1980 s childhood but  one thing  hasn’t  and that’s the kid’s birthday party and my anxiety fueled fear and loathing of them. I` m being serious, when I empty my daughters school bag out and one of those hand written brightly coloured slivers ofContinue reading “Kids birthday parties and why I still hate them”

The seven point plan for peaceful play dates

“Mum can Amelia come to our house?” my daughter Ruby asked me at school pick up the other week, my stomach churned uneasily at the thought of hosting a tea time play date.  “Well yes OK maybe next week, “ I said buying myself a bit of time because, despite my reservations, I`d be aContinue reading “The seven point plan for peaceful play dates”

Merry Christmas and a crap free new year!

There`s a war  going on in our house and until recently it’s one I`ve been losing, the enemy has taken hold in every room, lurking behind the sofa, skulking under the bed and colonising the floor and shelves in plain sight. So far, I`ve been holding it off from a total invasion but now theContinue reading “Merry Christmas and a crap free new year!”

Welcome to Mum and more!

My writing teacher told me I should start a blog.”But what do I write about I haven`t got any hobbies?”I said,”Of course you have just write about what you know”she replied. So this isn`t going to be a blog about 13th century Welsh castles or the history of locomotives through the ages(Sorry to disappoint) butContinue reading “Welcome to Mum and more!”