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My writing teacher told me I should start a blog.”But what do I write about I haven`t got any hobbies?”I said,”Of course you have just write about what you know”she replied.

So this isn`t going to be a blog about 13th century Welsh castles or the history of locomotives through the ages(Sorry to disappoint) but it will cover ;the struggles and joys of single parenting,turning 40,having a drawer full of odd socks,trying to set up a business,books, writing,anxiety disorders,the weirdness of ordinary people and much more besides.

I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself like in one of those team building exercises where you have to stand up with a sticky name badge on and stutter “my name is…”Oh well, at least I have the safety of a screen between us so here goes…

My name is Kate and I live with my children Ruby and Charlie who are six and two respectively. We rent on one of those semi rural new estates where people put vases of flowers in their shiny windows, get competitive over Christmas lights and get outraged about dog poo. The suburban heart of middle England.

I ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while but turning 40 after a brief gallop through my 30 s focused my mind to stop procrastinating and do it-Plus it`s somewhere to have a good old vent and get things off my chest so I`m going to view it as my therapy but without the sympathetic nods and “How did it make you feels?”

I want this blog to be an honest and at times funny account of family life today on the cusp of 2020.

So here I am on Christmas eve posting my first blog, I hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas

Kate Mackenzie

Published by MumandMore

I `m a single Mum of two,in my spare time I enjoy writing,reading and wandering outdoors looking at interesting things with the kids.

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